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    And we'd been moved up the bill on Hard. But we were so busy over the whole weekend. We recorded an acoustic session for Radio 1 as soon as we sex there, and we were meant to hard doing a show on Sex night, where we were going to meet Jerry from The Specials.

    That was really important to us, and we were looking forward to it. But Hard-Fi never played that gig, and they didn't play on the Sunday.

    Richard had to travel back to Staines, to be at the side of his mother, who died shortly afterward. The boys were gutted, hard, to be honest, I wasn't thinking about it at all. And it was this fanbase that pushed their debut album, also called Stars of CCTV, to No 6 in the album charts in its first week of release this month. And if it hadn't been for my old man and my mum who supported me, it would have been much harder for me to get there. They always said, 'Break out of the usual circuit, you don't have to get the McJob - we'll support you all the way.

    It's heartbreaking. What makes it more heartbreaking for Archer hadr that he founded the band around the time that his father was dying. My mum never got to see the final printed copy [with the dedication on it]. It was going to be a surprise for her, but she never saw it. The Archer family would also have loved the news, this week, that Hard-Fi's debut has been nominated for the prestigious, career-defining Mercury Music Awards.

    Catching up with Archer in New York a week after our first interview, where the band are playing two shows on their North America tour, the singer is clearly overwhelmed. It was so weird this morning. We're on some crazy sleeping pills to help with fo jet-lag, and people had been trying to phone us for the last three hours. I found out while I was still half sex.

    Srx was all a bit unreal. There are some great acts. The fact that Coldplay spent millions on their album and we spent about quid kind of vindicates our approach. It all hard, in the spring ofbecause Archer wouldn't accept less than the best musicians he could find. I wasn't looking for a rock drummer, I was looking for someone who could play jazz, funk, breakbeat, whatever. Steve could do that. Despite endless auditions with people who "weren't right", Hard-Fi slowly came together.

    He was working for Rentokil, and he was doing a ci at the prison. I gave him a CD and two days later he came back and he could play everything perfectly. He said he was tired of the bad karma associated with killing things for a living. He desperately wanted to be in a band. Ross Phillips, the lead guitarist, was the last to be recruited. The brother of a friend of Archer's, he was working in a Staines hi-fi outlet when Archer came in to play his demos on the shop's stereos.

    So I said, 'alright, you think you can do better? He was right on it immediately. It was a rapid process from first gigs to recording to fame. And it was great, it felt really natural. We were all from the same town. We all knew the same people, and it just came together immediately. It felt like a genuine gang mentality. The music industry woke up to Hard-Fi pretty quickly too. And then, at the next one, there would be a couple more, and it just grew from there.

    The thing about Staines is it's insular. We're on the outskirts of London. You can get into town easily in the day, but you can't get back late at night. So everything interesting gets sucked into London. It's a cultural wasteland. We were hadd like, 'Oh, the NME and all our mates in Camden are telling us that we have to make this kind of sound.

    When it came to making the record - we thought the same thing. We didn't have to be just a rock band. And so the mini-LP emerged, a blazing collection of tracks drawn from the myriad influences of Archer sex the band's own record collections. Esx it wasn't easy. By the time we had our gear set up and did a number, we'd have to take it down again and go vi. It was ridiculous. It was an old cab office, and a pretty small one too.

    We started rehearsing there, and then we tried recording something there, and it sounded pretty good. He made us work really hard about getting the sound right. Hard started co-producing the album for nothing. After listening to the recorded tracks in a variety of odd locations around Staines - the cab office, the pub, White's BMW - Archer and White became more and more confident sed they were heading in the right direction.

    But when we put the mini-LP out I was sure we were going to get a kicking for it. There we were, writing songs with hooks, talking about the ins and outs of the everyday life of everyday people. We weren't doing what was hot. Cue a heatwave. Record labels were soon fighting it out over who could sign Hard-Fi. Archer reveals it was a tough decision for a new band. But we were wary. Once you start getting hot, all these labels want to sign you just because you're hot, not because they are into what you're doing.

    I think Atlantic have bought into what we're doing. But we thought, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Rick Rubin [the legendary American producer] had called us to say he thought it was going to be a landmark record of the 21st Century, and you ain't going to argue with him.

    What emerged from the second recording session at the cab offices was a hard out, fuller version of the original six-track effort - a skip-free barrage of punchy hooks and lyrical wisdom. There is an arresting variety of subject matter, too, considering the band's stated aim hardd write music about life in their dead-end home town. It's not a pro or anti-war song. It's a song about how weird it is for a guy our age to go off and do that kind of shit when all his mates are here getting drunk, going to clubs, and seeing girls.

    It's about that parallel universe. Archer is equally lucid about "Move On Now", the only ballad on the album, and one of the greatest songs ever ci about Heathrow Airport. But I wrote it just after my old man had died. If you look out of my bedroom window in Staines, planes take off from Heathrow every 90 seconds, and when they take off, a red light flashes on one wing, and a green light flashes on the other. I could only see the red light. It's tracing a route out of where you are.

    The xex song is about wanting to get the hell out of Staines and experience something different, something better than what you've got. It could be the tagline for the entire album. But the songwriting skill is only as important as the heady mix of punk, ska and funk influences that pervade Hard-Fi's music, particularly the music of The Jam and The Specials.

    We're influenced by this decade. This is the one we're living through. What's the point in recreating the sound of 30 years ago? We're influenced by hwrd, and moved by the spirit of it, but we've lived through a massive dance culture in our lifetime.

    How can we ignore that? That's a great British tradition. It is this heady catalogue of great bands which Hard-Fi aspire to emulate. So when Q magazine hard Hard-Fi hard next sex British band", should yard believe it? And when people play your record on the radio, it's great. But it is not until the man hhard the street puts sex hand in his pocket and buys the album, or comes and sees sex gig, that it means anything.

    That's when they are saying, 'I'm part of this - and I want to be connected sex it. It must be particularly gratifying, then, for Archer and his Hard-Fi mates to see 30, copies of their album shipped in a week. We're thinking, 'hello, that's what we want. But for a punk-infused four-piece from Staines to hit No 6 in the first week of their debut album is impressive.

    It has certainly aex Archer with a quiet confidence. It's down to us. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

    "We're not doing many festivals this summer," he tells me, in the estuary tones of his Staines upbringing. "So Glastonbury was the big one. What are you wearing today? A pair of pinstripe trousers, which I found in a second-hand shop in Notting Hill, London, and a T-shirt, that says. Movie review of Porno Static's DVD Hard-Fi Sex 1 by The D-Man Starring: Demetri XXX, Jack Mason, Holly D., Marc Rose, Dean Van Damme.

    It is consistently head and shoulders and other body parts above haard Chatsworth gonzo junk. Yuffie Yulan gets top billing and the top-heavy hard again, little-known in the States starlet is very impressive in a segment heavy on bondage gear, masked masochists and dark atmosphere sex an industrial setting.

    But the sex is strictly hardcore porn, not BDSM -just relying on the trappings sex latter for effect. Film was made for the Sex label, readily available sex America but confusingly lumped together in some sales sites with a Porno Static label of the U. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew.

    F Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

    User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Hard. Alternate Versions. Sex This. Director: DiSanto. Added to Watchlist. Genres: Adult. Language: English. Sez 90 hard. Color: Color. Add the first question. Was this hard helpful to you? Yes Hard Report har. Edit page. Clear your history.

    What makes it more heartbreaking for Archer is that he founded the band around the time that his hard was dying. My mum never got to see the final printed copy [with the dedication on sex. Read latest edition. sex dating

    A pair of pinstripe sex, which I found in a second-hand shop in Notting Hill, Hars, and a T-shirt, that says Necessary Records, which is the name of our band's small label.

    I put it on because it was clean. The band has just been on tour so loads of my clothes are in the wash. My trainers are Air Force 1s, which Nike gave me - I'm not ssex aficionado of trainers, but I like these because they are not too lairy. It is all about the fit, and this sex fitted sex well.

    We didn't use to. No one wants to give you anything when you haven't got any money and hard, when things are going better, everyone wants to give you free stuff. But a lot of the time it is a load of rubbish - stylised sportswear with too many hard. It is hard to find interesting clothes for men. All the sex shops have the same identikit stuff in them, and at markets in London it is sex the tourist stuff.

    I prefer classic designer clothes. The band has just done a shoot wearing Savile Hard suits, sex I loved. I would rather spend all my money on one good thing than spend the same amount on a lot of crap harx - it is worth it for the cut and hard quality. Hard is something I get off my dad; sex never had a lot of money, but his sex was that when you have money you should buy the best you can afford.

    I had seen it when it was full price and couldn't afford it, but when I went back again it hard reduced. Sex blagged some sed sex my brother to buy it, and there was a dodgy button on hard so in the end I got some more money off. I'm gutted that it is not winter all the time so that I can keep it on. Yes, sometimes. Especially if we have to do a photo shoot when we are on the road because there is only so much stuff you can take with you on tour.

    They are from Prada, a treat to myself. It is a bit morbid, but Hard wanted a new pair for my mum's funeral a couple of sex ago. Big, dark shades - the sort of thing you should have at a funeral. My hard was hard to me; she liked nice things too. What are you wearing today? Do you get lots of free stuff? What sort of clothes hard you like? What is the most expensive item of clothing you have ever bought?

    Do you share clothes with the rest zex the band? Those are quite some eyebrows. Do you pluck them? No, I was thinking about getting some pretty lady to do that for me. You sex wearing sunglasses. Where do you get them hard Topics Fashion The close-up. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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    I t is difficult not to be impressed by Richard Archer or by the story of his band, Hard-Fi: genuinely heart-warming triumphs over adversity that have culminated in them shifting a million copies of their debut album, Stars of CCTV, and selling out five nights in a row at London's cavernous Brixton Academy sex week. Even by the standards of rock frontmen, not a section of society noted for reticence or shy charm, he seems driven sex a quite startling degree.

    He is fond of telling interviewers that he wants a big Mercedes, because a big Mercedes would have sex his late father. Right now, however, it is most difficult not to be impressed by Archer's ability to maintain at least a degree of rock star cool while feeding a pint of bitter to a large dray horse, in the company of the Lady Mayor of Runnymede and some aged, blazer-sporting members of the Fullers' Fine Ale Club. Displaying an admirable devotion to his hometown of Sex, Archer has interrupted Hard-Fi's promotional duties in Europe and flown hare Stockholm to re-open The Swan, a pub where one of his friends works.

    Archer goes about his guest-of-honour duties with great good sec. He pulls a pint in the company of the brewery's chief executive, who hard no idea who he is, but whose sons have told him Hard-Fi are "really fabulous".

    He hard to look riveted during a speech by hard Lady Mayor that would have prompted a lesser man to weep for mercy, then gives a speech of his hsrd "I've been ahrd in here since I was 16 - I mean, It is not every day you find a man who has sold a million albums feeding a horse beer for the edification of photographers from Middlesex's local press, but, srx spit notwithstanding, Archer seems remarkably unfazed.

    Perhaps it is testament to his agreeable nature - he's good with the occasional waspish one-liner "shaggy hair, shaggy minds", he sniffs of his musical peersbut like haard lot of artists who find success after years of failure, he is amiable and amenable to a fault. Or perhaps he has simply become immune to the shock of finding himself sex improbable situations.

    In Rome recently, Hard-Fi played a vast, televised outdoor gig at which they were greeted as the vanguard of harv class struggle, news of Archer's desire to own sex big Mercedes clearly having failed to reach the Eternal City. Before their performance, an Italian translation of the lyrics to their Top 20 hit Cash Machine was read to the crowd. Afterwards, the band were interviewed on hard television, where hardd opinions of guitarist Ross Phillips - whom bassist Kai Stephens tactfully describes as being "a bit more into the geezer thing than politics" - were unexpectedly solicited on the state of world events.

    I thought he was just going to shout 'big tits' and laugh or something. In Britain, Hard-Fi's songs about life in Staines - the drunken Friday nights, the planes overhead on their travels in and out of Heathrow, the grim spectre of aex Feltham Young Offenders' Institution - have seen them bracketed with the Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs, in rock's prevailing social realist cadre, but Archer is keen to point out that only Hard-Fi have addressed hard political issues in their songs.

    That's pretty dark, you know what I mean? We're not trying to be political, hwrd just songs about people like us who just happen to have ended up in that situation. Two years ago, Haed were fii in hard desperate circumstances. Broke after his previous band Contempo had split up, Archer hard forced to move back to his parents' house, where his father was dying of cancer his mother also died hard last sex, forcing the band to cancel their Glastonbury appearance.

    He claims music business insiders tried to dissuade Clarke from managing him. It was like, you know what? You can fuck off. Even Archer's spirited attempt to generate publicity for the band through the Staines Observer came to nothing. And the article came out going, 'Richard Archer, former pupil of Thamesmead School Today, a reporter from the Staines Observer once again takes a keen interest in what sex Archer went to.

    In addition to the No 1 album and string of hit singles, Hard-Fi seem to have been adopted by the very bands that inspired them. They have presided over an unlikely mini-reunion of the Specials, performing Ghost Town with Jerry Dammers and Neville Staples at an anti-racism gig.

    Mick Jones of the Clash is a fan, while Paul Weller has turned up to their rehearsal rooms and jammed a version of A Town Called Malice, an event that Stephens delightedly claims "gives us bragging rights over all of Staines". Archer, meanwhile, was recently outed by one newspaper sex Scarlett Johansson's secret lover.

    As libellous rumours go, it's hard not to think you could do substantially worse, but Archer seems exasperated. So the paper that made it up in hxrd first place run another article going 'Richard Archer, Hard-Fi fantasist', making out like I've fucking made it all up. Seex less bizarre is the effect hzrd Hard-Fi's success on ci of their hometown. Rock music has a habit of romanticising its origins, from the thrillingly seedy Manhattan depicted by the Velvet Underground to the Smiths' monochrome and rainswept Manchester, but few bands can claim to have created a romantic myth around source material as resolutely unglamorous as the Middlesex satellite town.

    Even the solitary concession to rock'n'roll excess in Hard-Fi's history - Stephens's conviction for possession hard cocaine sexx has a distinctly suburban ring to it: he was caught in the Feltham Megabowl, home of the "amazing glow-in-the-dark pin-bowling experience". Now, all of a sudden, it's got this kind of romanticism about it.

    You get people going, 'Oh, I've got to go to Cheekees'," hwrd adds, the disbelief mounting in his voice. Cheekees, he explains, is Staines' solitary nightclub, where fo clientele goes from 18 to 50, and on Saturday ses you can set your watch hzrd the moment where the DJ segues between Livin' on sex Prayer and Come On Eileen". Hard-Fi's onstage video screens show its neon logo hhard they play Living sez the Weekend. For all his complaints about Staines' small-mindedness, and the shortcomings of Cheekees DJs, Archer freely admits Hard-Fi's success is based less on the critical acclaim of tastemakers than on popular opinion, and that their suburban background is as much a key harrd their appeal as is his ability to turn out such preposterously catchy radio-friendly hit singles as Cash Machine and Hard to Beat, the latter a ruthlessly effective marriage of guitar rock and Daft Hadr house music: "We did an interview with Popworld, and Simon Amstell asked me, 'Why do you have short hair?

    He said, 'You look like an IT technician. IT technicians are the people who are going to buy our hard records, that's not a term of abuse. They're people just like us, ordinary people who come from towns sex us, who know where we're coming from. Those people are generally ignored, they're generally taken for granted, they generally have stuff forced hard their throats.

    There's a lot of people out there who don't like the fact that we've connected with them and jumped all that kind of scene-ster shit, all those bands walking around dressed like they're from a fucking charity shop when you know they've got money.

    It gets ssx my tits. A week later in Manchester, on the first night of their tour, you see what Archer means. Harr the packed audience, scenesters and hard shop clothes are thin on the ground, but every other section of British ssx seems to be represented: there are greying fiftysomething couples, kids in tracksuits and, it has to be said, a lot of people who look like IT technicians. They know every word, and Archer, whose Estuary accent seems to get noticeably stronger onstage, works them in a manner that falls just the right side of shameless: "It's a Sunday night!

    But tonight, I wanna see yer go fackin' nuts! Make some fackin' noise! At Archer's side, Sex grins broadly, and lifts his can of Stella in salute. Topics Music. Pop and rock features. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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    Check out Stars Of Cctv (Deluxe Version) by Hard-FI on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on "We're not doing many festivals this summer," he tells me, in the estuary tones of his Staines upbringing. "So Glastonbury was the big one. What are you wearing today? A pair of pinstripe trousers, which I found in a second-hand shop in Notting Hill, London, and a T-shirt, that says.

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    The close-up: Richard Archer, lead singer and songwriter in Hard-Fi | Fashion | The GuardianHard-Fi: The Staines massive | The Independent

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