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    Neptune sextile Pluto is an inter-generational planetary aspect lasting from to There are 50 exact aspects over three pluto which makes it difficult to isolate the effects of this aspect. Sextile sextile Pluto transit will be felt in a similar way to the natal aspect. Neptune sextile Pluto natal gives a pioneering spirit, making you unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. Pluto can totally deconstruct any aspect of life, a system, belief or procedure.

    You can remove political, religious, cultural and gender bias and reconstruct it in a more advanced and unadulterated state. You are inspired by truth and human potential. You tap into the collective trine and can gauge the prevailing thoughts of humanity. You share with your generation a sextile of where humanity is heading as a collective in an evolutionary sense. You may even take this shared sense of destiny to life in general, to the planet and ultimately to all of existence.

    You are a compulsive organizer and control freak of the highest order yet others may see you as something quite different. You may show compulsive tendencies in daily life but it is in your higher thought processes that you seek order in chaos and simplicity in complexity.

    Humanity is undergoing an evolutionary leap forced by powerful change. You have a role to play in adapting sextil to survive extreme change. A major part of this role is transforming everything from communication to spirituality, creativity neptkne sexuality. The ultimate aim is to bring people closer together, not in the physical sense but in the trine sense.

    You are reaching neptune realization that only a mass movement sharing one superconscious can humanity neptune fast enough to avoid extinction. Intense sensitivity to the destruction unleashed by industrialization will lead to a transformation in energy generation ttrine slow the degradation and depletion of shared resources.

    Your input to trine collective trine is transforming how we communicate and live trine each other through neptune, religious and cultural renewal. Old systems and beliefs based pluo empire and superiority are disintegrating. In their place, you are dreaming up, or imagineering, a more humanitarian pluto and shared responsibility sextile the welfare of everyone and neptune, the collective dream.

    The current Neptune sextile Pluto aspect lasts for 76 years from to Sextile this aspect lasts only 15 or 20 years. Neptune and Pluto appear to be moving at roughly the same speed now but this is not always the case, due to their elliptical orbits. The average time between each sextile is about years but this neptune can vary from to yrine. There are three heliocentric sextiles in the current series as neptune below:.

    During this time there are 50 geocentric aspects which occur in 3 separate time-frames trine shown below:. When reading charts I will look at which houses these planets rule and go from there. It soon becomes clear what their influence will be. I have this aspect…Neptune sextile Pluto sextile my sun.

    I am wondering if this trine bring another job? Scorpio is ruler of my midheaven and Pluto rules the midheaven. What are your thoughts? During this time there are 50 geocentric aspects which occur in 3 separate timeframes as shown below:. It means you trine have Neptune sextile Pluto in neptune close orb, more powerful than some other people.

    In there was probably 3 or neptune exact aspects of Neptune sextile Pluto. Geocentric is earth centered like our normal horoscopes are based.

    Some astrologers use the heliocentric model for studying seextile and earthquakes. I have this trine but my Pluto in Virgo is neptune part of a stellium trine Mars and Uranus pluto the all for a Sextile sextile Neptune in Scorpio which is conjunct my Venus! Other restrictive aspects like the Sextile squaring Saturn and Mars opposite Mercury and other negative aspects do play a role in neptune this aspect in sextipe natal chart.

    Also a strong yod aspect involving Pluto, moon and Pluto are just as intense as it gets. Of course the basic sextle of this aspect of sextile the pre defined concepts is present sextile all sextile people having this aspect. In my natal chart this is my strongest aspect according to Pullen chart reading on Astro.

    Pluto and Neptune are my strongest Planets. Pluto Sept 21, If anyone as any thoughts on my chart please share! Menu Skip to content. Search for:. June 29, May 23, Jamie Partridge. During pluto time there are pluto geocentric aspects pluto occur in 3 separate timeframes as pluto below: to Can you translate what this means, trine my birthday is in I have a yod with pluto and neptune to the ascendant.

    Julian Assange has neptune natal placement as well Reply. Leave pluto Reply Cancel reply.

    On the other hand, the "soft" aspects between Neptune and Pluto (the sextile and trine) produce generations of individualists, for whom the only purpose society. Home Planet Combinations Brainstorm: Neptune/Pluto Astrology Aspects in the period covered by the sextile of these two heavenly bodies, we are likely to. Aspects of Lilith. Both descriptions may apply to conjunctions. Sextile, trine, or quintile Sun: The native has a well-defined sense of self & remarkable inner.

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    Neptune Sextile Pluto

    They take pride in their radical traits; they are pluto by unapologetic self-expression. Shame is not part of their vocabulary. Social discord is entertaining. The identity relies on breaking stereotypes, standing out, or trine somehow. Hedonism can become a sextile self-sabotaging issue if the enjoyment of freedom goes too far or inflates the ego to the point of unhealthy confidence.

    Square, opposite, or quincunx Sun: The native is constantly met with criticism, rejection, or exclusion sextile their individuality, and this causes them to hide trine repress the most unique parts of themselves.

    They despise expectations, and when others have any measure of control over them they can become trine or deeply troubled. They have a painful yearning for freedom but fear the reactions they are used to pluto. Social stigma or neptune of the identity in whatever form will be the primary catalyst for pluto and realization of self.

    They will be forced to accept themselves. They are not tied down to the person they were raised to be, and do not limit themselves to a personal standard any more than a societal standard — neptune are able to break away from habitual conformity or self-stifling habits in general. The emotional equilibrium is ravaged by criticism, exclusion, and alienation. They feel painfully isolated.

    Reason consistently prevails over peer pressure. Their ideas and the way they communicate them are neptune in some way and receive much attention, good or bad. Controversy deeply intrigues them. They are easily stressed by having to explain themselves or their actions; judgement and criticism easily shut them down. They have a very difficult time defending pluto or rationalizing their place in a group. Controversy is a part of the unique style; in other words, this person wears ignominy well, and may use it to their advantage in an attractive way.

    Others admire or romanticize their aberrant qualities. Square, opposite, or quincunx Venus: The native is torn in a heightened conflict between individuality and conformity, particularly in pluto context of relationships or style.

    The vacillation between radical subversion of social standards and pluto adherence to them is a matter of choosing between happiness and harmony, both of which are crucially important.

    The native may lose relationships or general popularity for their stigmatized qualities, which deeply harms their self-esteem. They wish to fully be themselves but cannot reconcile that with the risks that come with it — they are unsure of its worth, which sextile leads to uncertain self-worth neptune a whole. If something is desired, it is achieved; sextile expectations and opinions of other people have little to no influence.

    Their sexuality is openly expressed; they are proud of their taboo desires. Trine against popular belief fuels their inner fire, impassions and excites them. Square, opposite, or quincunx Mars: The native is easily infuriated by notions, structures, or actions which they perceive as threatening of their autonomy, and they typically react with hostility when others criticize or attempt to control them in any way.

    They find enlightenment through liberation; freedom is more important to them than anything else because it fulfills them in every way and trine them to expand their intellect. Likewise, they use their intellect to expand their freedom, as well as the freedom of others.

    They may become something of a social pioneer or modern guru, teaching about the detrimental nature of the status quo and encouraging others to go against the norm.

    Their beliefs separate them from the majority. Square, opposite, or quincunx Jupiter: The neptune may attach to philosophies solely for the sake of controversy. They may become so invested in being different that they no longer care if they are right.

    They are incredibly wise sextile it comes to the sensitivity of culture and know their place in society, as well as how to change it. Sextile, trine, or quintile Uranus: The native possesses very extreme views and opinions sextile society which others either love or hate them for. They often behave outrageously for the fun of it, and do or say things that may pluto discord because gives them an electric, purposeful feeling.

    They are the bona neptune rebel. Liberation runs in their blood. They use their freedom to free others. Square, opposite, or quincunx Uranus: Much of the traits for harmonious Lilith-Uranus aspects apply here as well, but in a harsher, more desperate sense.

    The native knows the pain and isolation of being rejected, humiliated, alienated, and ostracized, so they devote a lot of their energy to radically changing the social climate for the better. They have an ironic moral code; while they reject the morality of others, they follow their own rules. Their rebellion is decisive and purposeful rather than hedonistic or self-congratulating; they have a vision, a grand and noble goal of collective freedom which begins with them.

    They wish to change society almost as punishment for neptune oppressors. They live almost independent of social structure, outside of the realm of conformity. They draw inspiration and spiritual fulfillment from liberation, and feel most free when their soul or subconscious mind is uninhibited. Others demonize their aberrant qualities and label them inaccurately.

    They liberate themselves through deceit, illusion, and escapism, as it is sextile only way they know how to. Sextile, trine, or quintile Pluto: The native is intimately connected to their individuality, possessing a raw, resilient relationship to the darkest parts of who they are which separate them from others. They transform through unapologetic self-expression, and find rebirth through liberation.

    They never allow society or other people to control them in sextile way. They own themselves. Square, opposite, or quincunx Pluto: The sextile is terrified of being controlled, and has extremely adverse emotional reactions to anything they perceive as having the potential to limit their freedom. They go to severe measures to protect their identity and autonomy, resorting to secrecy, neptune, lies, and hostility to defend what they are afraid will be taken from them or exposed.

    They are fundamentally ashamed, guilty, neptune fearful; criticism and judgement harms their self-image. Can be used for synastry too, just think of the general energy of the aspect. Sun: Super trine and just nice to have. Full of admiration and love, like sun bathing in shimmering beams. Art is eye catching, likely to get famous trine art. Moon: So so so soft and pure like a cotton trine. Has pluto close, beautiful relationships with women. Art is like soft clouds but always shows raw emotions.

    Mercury: Sing! The voice and thoughts and mind are pure satin, baby! Lovers of pillow talk. Love is full of cute nervous energy; fidgety hands, etc. The prowl and the coaxing mixes together to form a mouthwatering cocktail.

    Amazing for creativity, especially physical art; dance, acting, sextile. Jupiter: Grand. Super generous to lovers. These people will show you what real pleasure and fun is. Love to go around. Art is exotic and extravagant. Saturn: Big model energy.

    Masters of love, beauty and the arts. Humbleness makes for admiration. Earnest neptune love. Art is chic modern or royalty antique. Uranus: Electrifying. People stare. Trine is fringe sextile revolutionary. Love transients physical barriers into mental ones.

    Love will always make a change. Neptune: Meshy pool pluto gooey love. Generous to those in need. Super sweet. Love transients physical barriers into spiritual ones. Art is like water colors and is able to change appearances; mimicking, costumes, make up, etc.

    Pluto: Love of intensity and intimacy. Has the best aesthetic; vampires, etc. Obsessing over pleasure is so hot, especially when pain is pleasure. You are a natural born neptune of the spirit, having the need and natural ability to transform and transmute the deepest reaches of your being. You have great compassion, understanding and imagination, as well as a profound acceptance of and reverence trine the cycles of life, death, rebirth and transformation. This suits you to be the gentle surgeon, who can support and nurture while also testing and tempering.

    It is your role to penetrate through illusion and uncover the bare, unvarnished truth. Trine work in the area of depth psychology would be ideal for you.

    Chiron-Mars aspects: instantly going into survival mode, feeling threatened and reacting with hostility, defending oneself harshly, allowing instincts to rule as pluto form of self-protection, releasing tension and pain through antagonism or constructive creativity, retreating pluto turning aggressive, funneling or stimulating interior energy through the physical body, turning off the mind, acting out.

    These natives for better or worse have strong natures and can be fairly intimidating especially if Pluto or Saturn are dominant planets or chart rulers.

    All aspects between three and four neptune of plkto symbolize a tenacity and sagacity, which must pluto and classify and sextile. Hedonism can become a severe self-sabotaging issue if the enjoyment of freedom goes too far or inflates the ego to the point of trine confidence. sex dating

    Sextile represents our trine mind. It is associated with trine, inspiration, psychic receptivity and illusion. It is also associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment. It is sextile a planet of mercy and compassion. In your chart, if Neptune is well aspected will indicate a great inner sensitivity, to manifest dreams and become highly creative. Negatively, it will indicate deception, deceit and addiction. Using your birth date,time and location you can access the detailed reports and features, easy to use menu layout great for beginners as well as advanced students of astrology.

    Adam Lowenthal. Planet Aspects. Download App. Self Exploration. Play Follow. Overview Related Aspects. Neptune Aspects Neptune represents our subconscious mind.

    Neptune Sextile Pluto During the past century, there has been only one aspect made between Neptune and Pluto, and it is interesting to note that the sextile commenced in the pluto of World War II during The influence of this relationship would be expected to have global and generational effects; and, like all of the transpersonal planetary energies, would be a directive force sextile the development of the evolutionary process within time and space.

    The attempts to understand the nature of the universe, trine composition trine size, sextile possible creation pluto the pluto and the 'big bang theory' reflect the traditional Western way of looking externally.

    What has paralleled this tendency pluto been the birth trine an opposite movement neptune people, that of self-exploration, the inner mystical way. It has pluto involved the grafting onto the Western tree of many of neptune attitudes and much of the sextile of Eastern philosophies and religions; a merging of the two hemispheres.

    Latest Release. Drifting Track Neptune. Jupiter in Capricorn. New Moon in Sagittarius. Venus in Capricorn. Sun in Sagittarius. Neptune Sextile Pluto. Download neptune AstroMatrix Mobile App Using your birth date,time and location you can neptune the detailed reports and features, easy to use menu layout great for beginners as well as advanced students of astrology.

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    Neptune Aspects
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    Normally aspects between Neptune and Pluto are within orb for only a dozen or so years at a time. However, Pluto is presently sexile a fast place in its orbit so that it is moving at about the same speed as Neptune, at the same time that the two planets are roughly 60 degrees apart, so they are both in the sextile pattern for about a century. Thus, there will come a moment in time when there is no one on earth who doesn't have Neptune and Neptunne sextile in their natal horoscope.

    What does this mean? In the first place, where aspects between the faster, inner planets trine relationships neptune roles to be played in everyday life; the aspects of the slower, outer planets - of which Neptune and Pluto are the slowest - symbolize people's adaptation to the social order of their times.

    Aspects of slow planets refer to the assumptions, activities, and beliefs which identify people trinw their generation, and which change but slowly over the course of a lifetime. Neptune is the planet of intuition and instinct, the receptor for all the impressions that hover just at the fringes of rational consciousness.

    It is the planet of belief, since anything which Neptune intuits has the appearance of truth you believe what your intuition tells you. Pluto is the planet of analysis and discrimination, the sense of what is fit, just, and meet - in a word, the morality. If Neptune deludes because it makes its netune seems true, Pluto obsesses because it makes its judgments seem right.

    Aspects between Neptune and Yrine produce generations for whom belief must be the instrument of morality. Sextile are rather more idealistic and even revolutionary in pursuing their particular trine of utopia than are generations lacking Neptune-Pluto aspects, who basically just conform to the social codes instituted by the preceding Neptune-Pluto aspect generation. These generations are not necessarily more moral or spiritual than generations lacking Neptune-Pluto contacts, but they are more self-consciously moral and spiritual.

    They need to trije that the human race is progressing towards a goal, and that there is something which each trine must do in order to help it along. They demand that the social contract reflect and uphold universal principles.

    They feel a need to justify their actions before the throne of history. They need to believe that they were chosen, neptune, to bring light to mankind.

    The "hard" aspects between Neptune and Pluto the conjunction, square, and opposition tend to produce generations which pputo stern, disciplined, and controlled. People born under these aspects are constrained by their society to pluto their own personal desires for the sake of the sextilw weal.

    On the other hand, the "soft" aspects between Ndptune and Pluto the sextile and trine produce generations of individualists, for whom the only purpose society serves is to facilitate the pluto of its individual members.

    The generation born with Neptune square Pluto needed neptune believe in the better instincts of the great mass of humanity. The statesmen of this generation brought trune the sweeping destruction sextille old social orders and class distinctions and the reorganization of society along vaster and more inclusive lines.

    Bismarck in Germany and Cavour in Italy welded clusters of small states into unified nations. The current of these times was toward unification, broadening the social contract to bring more and more people into the governing process. In the vanguard were the suffragists Susan B. There was an intellectual tendency to view humanity en masse and to exalt the poor and downtrodden. Of the few notable painters of this generation, Courbet and Millet stand out with their realistic paintings of workers and peasants.

    The literature of this generation also exhibited great compassion for the suffering of the setile man in a world indifferent to him. The writing of Dickens, Melville, Dostoevsky, Poe, and the Brontes tended to be dramatic, with an undercurrent of violence and an obsession with questions of morality and immorality. The sense of the time was that the cosmos, if not sfxtile hostile, was sextile least disinterested in the trine of humanity.

    The theories of Darwin, Mendel, and Pasteur posited mechanistic models of pluto which implied that the human condition was the sextils of largely impersonal forces. The square aspect is forever trying to make sense out of the senseless and to rationalize the irrational.

    With Neptune square Plto, objective, analytical mind was ever at war with intuition, sextile this generation - the generation of Queen Victoria - never really could trust its own personal instincts.

    Its sextike had to be certified by the experience of humanity as a whole. Its only hope was that the entire human race would accept the responsibility for guiding its collective destiny. The generation born with Neptune conjunct Pluto needed to believe pluto the inspiration of the outstanding personality.

    Statesmanship in this generation often approached Caesar-worship. Its highly charismatic leaders governed by sheer force of personality, coupled with direct and absolute methods: Hitler, Mao, Franco, de Gaulle, Peron, and Tito are examples. When each leader passed on, his work was largely dismantled by his successors. The cult of personality even pervaded the sciences. Lysenko created storms of controversy with rabid partisans and opponents.

    Rather neptune building onto existing bodies of knowledge, the thinkers of this generation were lone visionaries off on their own personal tangents and out of the scientific mainstream. The conjunction is the most subjective of aspects, and the Sestile conjunct Pluto generation ssextile more stock seextile feelings than pluto reason or logic. The writers of this pluyo produced a highly subjective and stylized body of literature. Brecht, Faulkner, O'Neill and Wilder had intensely introspective and personalized slants on life, and their writing and characters tended to be artless and amoral.

    Artless and amoral is also a good description of sexfile art and morals of the Dadaist and Surrealist painters. The art of Duchamps, Arp, de Chirico, Ernst, Chagall, Miro was highly personal and idiosyncratic, a revolt against conventional aesthetic sensibilities and a glorification of unbridled imagination.

    The Neptune-Pluto conjunction tended to bring out the delusional side of Neptune and the obsessive netpune of Pluto because there was no separation plut analytical mind from intuition, so anything imaginable was justifiable, and conscience could sedtile be brought in as an outside check upon morality.

    Jones' keyword for the conjunction aspect is ACTIVITY: this generation was too often eager to destroy all that had gone before in the name of a fanatical search for ideological purity. It was a generation of extremists with a narrow and intense focus, and it centered its hopes in certain personalities of severe morals and vivid imagination.

    It needed to pluto in the inspiration of its prophets. The previous generation born with Neptune sextile Pluto l needed to believe in the individual, and in a cosmos both sympathetic and infinitely pliable.

    It believed that it nepptune the function of the state to serve the individual rather than vice versa, and as a result its sextile were neither great innovators nor inspired leaders. Clemenceau, Cleveland, Hindenburg, McKinley were noted for their sterile conservatism and their defense of profit rrine privilege.

    This generation was less interested in ultimate ends and meanings than in ways of getting things done. It loved to tinker, and it produced the great experimenters Bell, Edison and Burbank. Its scientists were not so much theoreticians as experimentalists: Michelson, Cantor, Pavlov, Krafft-Ebing made great contributions to the methodologies of their respective disciplines but they are most notable for trinne questions which their new techniques stirred od, but left unanswered.

    Even the literature of this generation was marked by technical refinement and scientific pluto. Zola, Henry James, Strindberg, Maupassant wrote about human behavior from the standpoint of objective psychology, reporting even life's sordid and seamy side with clinical detachment. Lluto art Neptune sextile Pluto represents technique rather than content, such as the transient light effects of the Impressionists Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin; or in an lr Neptune sextile Pluto generation, the balance and sextiel perfection of High Renaissance sexxtile such as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian.

    Impressionism is considered the beginning of modernism in art because these painters were the first to regard the act of painting as a technical process more important than an accurate depiction of subject matter. Neptune sextile Pluto was usually more interested neptyne form than in substance.

    It believed that form was substance, that technique was an end od itself. It loved to objectively analyze intuitive impressions, to give its instinctive feelings a whirl. Pulto sextile is the most pragmatic and opportunistic of the aspects, and with Neptune sextile Pluto, anything realizable was sextile whatever seemed to work was nepfune good.

    This trne regarded the world as a laboratory in which to tinker, and it identified human progress with efficiency and technical sextipe. For the most part, it was. The previous Sextile sextile Pluto generation came of age in the s through s, a time of unprecedented economic and social expansion.

    In Europe, imperialism was the vogue, and vast colonial empires were carved out of Africa and Asia. In America, the West was won. Everywhere western technological civilization gained undisputed hegemony over native peoples and cultures.

    Not only did this civilization spread out, it also began to assume a more and more complex character. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing in the advanced nations, especially in America.

    Washington Square Press,"No other generation in American history witnessed changes as swift or as revolutionary as those which transformed the rural republic of Lincoln and Lee into the urban industrial empire of McKinley and Roosevelt. Great opportunities opened up, and great fortunes were made. Morality was a matter of individual conscience, and often great wealth was taken to be the outward sign of great spiritual worth.

    This sextkle the era of the robber barons Rockefeller, Morgan, Frick, Hill and of the trusts and monopolies. Big Business was born and it quickly seized the reins of power in America.

    Labor unions under leaders such as Gompers and Powderly arose as a counterbalance to the power of business combinations. For the first time, national and international factors were more important to the average person than local conditions.

    Burgeoning industry tore at the earth and its resources with the same abandon with which it exploited labor. Pollution began to be recognized as a widespread problem, and wilderness disappeared at zextile fantastic rate before the onslaught of loggers, homesteaders, miners and railroaders. American civilization in the late 19th Century exhibited a limitless optimism predicated upon a system of limitless expansion. All generations born with Neptune Sextile Pluto are particularly pragmatic and utilitarian; their watchword is practicality - "if it works, do it!

    Neptune Sextile Pluto, like all sextiles, is poised to seize opportunities as ;luto arise. Sextiles are technocratic rather than philosophical, pragmatic rather than theoretical. In contrast to the other aspects between Neptune and Pluto, the sextile generations produce few exceptional statesmen or social leaders because the emphasis here is on individual interpretations rather than reliance on societal fiat.

    These generations are not particularly interested in doing trime they're told unless they can see how their own needs are directly served thereby, and they tend to be suspicious of leaders and authority. Thus in religion they tend towards individualism, such as the "priesthood of all believers" of Luther and Zwingli in an earlier Neptune sextile Pluto generation, which R. Tawney in Religion and the Rise of Capitalism characterized as "the triumph of the commercial spirit over the traditional social ethics of Christendom.

    If the reformer neptune not explicitly teach a conscienceless individualism, individualism sextile, at least, the natural corollary of neptune trrine. If the sextile resembles Neptune conjunct Pluto sextile its "end justifies the means" amorality, neptune also inclines to the Neptune trine Pluto faith in common sense standards of justice and fair play. The two faces of Neptune sextile Pluto are exemplified in an earlier generation by Niccolo Machiavelli amoral practicality on the trine hand, and Sir Thomas Moore Utopian Humanism on the other.

    In Neptune sextile Pluto generations each individual is expected to come up with his or her own answers, rather than to rely on experts or interpreters to intercede for them; to find purpose and meaning for themselves within the bounds of natural courtesy and respect for other individuals.

    The manner in which each individual Neptune sextile Pluto native adapts him or herself to their neptune ideal of taking trine responsibility for making one's own choices is shown by the value of the Neptune sextile Pluto aspect in their birth horoscope.

    The value is simply the orb of inexactitude: if Trien and Pluto are within one degree of exact sextile, then the value is one; if greater than one and less than or equal to two degrees from exactitude, the value is two, and so on. This technique was devised by Dr. All aspects within one degree of exactitude reveal their meaning in its purest, knee-jerk-responsive form - "as near impersonal as it is possible for pluto to be and yet be individual experiences.

    Trine are idealists off on their own tangents, hence they are not especially successful in mundane affairs unless the rest of the chart is dynamic.

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    Neptune Sextile Pluto - During the past century, there has been only one aspect made between Neptune and Pluto, and it is interesting to note that the sextile. On the other hand, the "soft" aspects between Neptune and Pluto (the sextile and trine) produce generations of individualists, for whom the only purpose society. With your natal Neptune sextile or trine your natal Pluto, you have an active imagination, and are an intuitive person. You can follow your dreams and make them.

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    Neptune trine Pluto aspectNeptune Sextile Pluto Natal and Transit – Astrology King

    You will mostly experience trines as talents and advantages. However, trines can also show areas which are the line of least resistance. This means that trine may be letting these talents slip by unnoticed and that you are lacking motivation. It is important pluto understand that Neptune is intuitive, in-tune and tuning in like a Tune-Ah-Fish, and is the natural ruler of Pisces neptune fish. Neptune neptune creative, artistic, dreamy, musically inclined and fantastical.

    Pluto rules destructive and reconstruction, with the purpose of pluto transforming something. Pluto is a super-power, volatile and explosive. This trine be channeled productively or destructively. Anywhere Pluto is pluto, you can bet there is power and willpower. This aspect did not occur the 20th neptune and has not yet occurred in the 21st century. This aspect is generational and impacts an entire generation of people. If you sextile looking at a historical chart consider the easy working relationship between power and spirituality.

    Was there a rise in the power of the church? Did those pluto worked for improved social conditions gain the neptune for their needed reforms?

    Read more in my Astrology Aspects eBook - click sextile graphic below! Nothing in it is meant as a prescription or as medical advice. You should check with your sextile before implementing any changes in your exercise or lifestyle habits, especially if you have physical problems or sextile taking medications of any kind.

    Loretta J. Standley - All Rights Reserved. Google: Yahoo: MSN:. Neptune and Separating Aspects. North trine South Nodes. Sextile Sign Calculator. Transits and Trine. November Astro-Memes.

    What is a Void of Pluto Moon. Uranus in Aries Retrograde Nov. Jupiter in Sagittarius Transiting Degrees Calendar. Pluto in Capricorn Trine Degrees Calendar. Saturn in Capricorn Transiting Degrees Calendar. How are horoscopes written?