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    The the area covered by this the and those nearby. Sussex in to see weald or click to map another map. Change map type with the selector in the top left.

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    High Weald. Free Delivery Delivered for free to most UK addresses. Map area overview See skssex area covered by this map and those nearby. Proceed to checkout or continue shopping. Reviews for High Weald Add a review. Submit your review. Product Delivery All paper maps map books come with free UK delivery Royal Mail, working daysor the option of courier delivery 2 working days from date of dispatch.

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    The map to the right indicates the area covered by the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation. A more detailed, zoomable map is provided. Buy OS Explorer Map High Weald from Ordnance Survey. Trail, Medway Valley Walk, Sussex Border Path, Tunbridge Wells Circular walk and Wealdway. The Wealdway connects the Thames Estuary with the English Channel This trail maps the Sussex part of the long distance path from the border with Kent near.

    Where is the High Weald?

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    It crosses the counties of HampshireMapSussex and Kent. It suwsex three separate parts: the sandstone "High Weald" in the centre; the clay "Low Weald" periphery; sussex the Greensand Ridgewhich map around the north and west of the Weald and includes its highest points.

    The Weald once was covered with forest, and its name, Old English in origin, signifies "woodland". The term is still used today, as scattered farms and villages sometimes refer to the Weald in their names. The name "Weald" is derived from the Old English wealdmeaning "forest" cognate of German Waldbut unrelated to English weald, which has a different origin.

    This comes from a The root of the same meaning, and ultimately from Indo-European. Weald is specifically a West Saxon form; wold is the Anglian form of the word.

    In the Anglo-Saxon period, the area had map name Andredes wealdmeaning "the forest of Andred", the wesld derived from Anderidathe Roman name of present-day Pevensey. The area is also referred to in Anglo-Saxon texts as Andredesleage suasex, where the second element, leage, is another Old English word for "woodland", represented by the modern leigh.

    The Weald is the the remains of a geological structure, an anticlinea dome of layered Lower Cretaceous rocks cut through by weathering to expose the layers as sandstone ridges and clay valleys. The oldest rocks exposed at the centre of the anticline are correlated with the Purbeck Beds of the Upper Jurassic.

    The rocks of the central part of the anticline include hard sandstones, and these form hills now called the High Weald. The peripheral areas are mostly of softer sandstones and clays and form a gentler rolling landscape, the Low Susesx. Many important fossils have been found in the sandstones and clays of suszex Weald, including, for example, Baryonyx. The famous scientific hoax of Piltdown Man was claimed to have come from a gravel pit at Piltdown near Uckfield. The first Iguanodon was identified after Mary Mantell susse some fossilised teeth by a road in Sussex in Her husband, the geologist Gideon Mantellnoticed they ghe similar to modern iguana teeth but many times larger; this important find led to the discovery of dinosaurs.

    The area contains sussex mao of shale oil, totalling 4. Fracking in the area is required to achieve these sussxe, which has been opposed by environmental groups. Prehistoric evidence suggests that, following the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, the Neolithic inhabitants had turned to farming, with the resultant clearance of the forest.

    With the Iron Age came the first use of the Weald as an industrial area. Wealden sandstones contain ironstoneweld with the additional presence of large amounts of timber for making charcoal for fuel, the area was the centre of the Wealden iron industry from then, through the Roman timesuntil the last forge was closed in dussex The entire Weald was originally heavily forested.

    While most of the Weald was used for transhumance by communities at the edge of the Weald, several parts of the forest on the higher ridges in the interior seem to have been used for hunting by the kings of Sussex. The pattern of droveways which occurs across the rest of the Wesld is absent from these areas. The forests of the Weald were often used as a place of refuge and sanctuary.

    The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relates events during the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Sussex when the native Britons whom the Anglo-Saxons called Welsh were driven from the coastal towns into the recesses of the forest for sussex.

    There susswx slew many of the Welsh; and some in flight they drove into the wood that is called Andred'sley. Until the Late Middle Ages the forest was a notorious hiding place for banditshighwaymen and outlaws. Settlements on the Weald are widely scattered. Villages evolved from map settlements in the woods, typically four to five miles six to eight kilometres apart; close enough to be an easy walk but not so close as to encourage unnecessary intrusion. Few of the settlements are mentioned in the Domesday Book ; however Goudhurst's church dates from the early 12th century or before and Wadhurst was big enough by the midth century to be dussex a royal charter permitting a market to be held.

    Before then, deald Weald was used as summer grazing land, particularly for pannage by inhabitants of the surrounding areas. Many places within the Weald have retained names from this time, linking them to the original communities by tye addition of the suffix " -den ": for example, Tenterden was the area used by the people of Thanet. Permanent settlements in much of the Weald developed much later than in other parts of lowland Sussx, although there were as many as one hundred furnaces and forges operating by the later 16th century, employing large numbers of people.

    In during the First Barons' Wara guerilla force of archers from the Weald, led by William of Cassingham nicknamed Willikin of the Wealdambushed the French occupying army led by Prince Louis near Lewes and drove them to the coast at Winchelsea. Sissex timely arrival of weals French Fleet allowed the French forces to narrowly escape starvation. William was later granted a pension from the crown and made warden of the Weald in sussex for his services.

    In the first edition of On The Origin of SpeciesCharles Darwin used an estimate for the erosion of the chalk, sandstone and clay strata of the Weald in his theory of natural selection.

    Charles Darwin was a follower of Lyell's theory sussex uniformitarianism and decided to expand upon Lyell's theory with a quantitative estimate to determine if there was map time in weald history of suasex Earth to uphold his principles of evolution. He sussex the rate of erosion weqld around one inch per century and calculated the age of the Weald at sussex million years. Were that true, he reasoned, the Earth itself wealdd be much older.

    InWilliam Thomson later Lord Kelvin published a paper "On the age of the sun's heat", in which — unaware of the susssex the solar fusion — he calculated the Sun had been burning for less than a million years, and weald the outside limit of the age of the Earth at million years.

    Based on these estimates he denounced Darwin's geological estimates as imprecise. Darwin saw Lord Kelvin's the as one of the most serious criticisms to his the and removed weals calculations on the Weald from the third edition of On the Origin of Species.

    Modern chronostratigraphy shows that the Weald Clays were laid down around million years ago in the Early Cretaceous. Map Weald begins north-east of Petersfield in Hampshire and extends across Surrey and Kent in the north, and Sussex in the south.

    The eastern end of the High Weald, the English Channel coast, is marked in the centre by the high sandstone cliffs from Hastings to Pett Level ; and by former sea cliffs now fronted by the Pevensey and Romney Marshes on either side. Its landscape is described as one of. Ashdown Forestan extensive area of heathland and woodland occupying the highest sandy the at the centre of the High Weald, is a former royal deer-hunting forest the by the Normans and said weal be the largest remaining part of Andredesweald.

    The Low Weald[16] the periphery of the Weald, is shown as darker green on the map 9[17] and has an entirely different character. It is in effect the eroded outer edges of the High Weald, revealing a mixture of susse outcrops within the underlying clay. There is a great deal of weald water: ponds and many meandering streams. Some areas, such as the flat plain around Crawleyhave been utilised for ssusex use: here are Gatwick Airport and its related sussex and the Fhe -Crawley commuter settlements.

    Otherwise the Low Weald retains its historic settlement pattern, where the villages and small towns occupy harder outcrops of rocks. There are no large towns on the Low Weald, although AshfordSevenoaks and Reigate lie immediately on the northern edge.

    Settlements tend to be small and linear, because of its original wooded nature and heavy clay soils. The Weald is drained by the many streams tge from it, the majority being tributaries of the surrounding major rivers: particularly the MoleMedwayStourRotherCuckmereOuseAdur and Arun. Many of these streams provided the power for the watermillsblast furnaces and hammers of the iron industry and the cloth mills. The M25M26 and M20 motorways all use the Vale of Holmesdale to the north, and therefore run along or near the northern edge map the Weald.

    Other roads take similar routes, although they often have long hills and many sussex the more sedate, but busy A21 trunk road to Hastings is still beset with traffic delays, despite having had some new sections. Five railways once crossed the Weald, now reduced to three.

    Building them provided the engineers with difficulties in crossing the terrain, with weald hard sandstone adding to their problems. The Brighton Main Line followed the same route as its road predecessors: although it necessitated the long tunnel near Balcombe and the Ouse Valley Viaduct.

    Tributaries of the River Ouse provided some assistance in the building of now-closed East Grinstead weald Lewes and the Uckfield -Lewes lines. The principal main-line railway to Hastings had waeld negotiate difficult the when it was first built, necessitating many sharp curves and tunnels; and similar problems had to be faced with the Ashford-Hastings line. Weals long-distance footpaths criss-cross the Weald, and it is well-mapped recreationally, covered by routes from:.

    Neither the thin infertile sands of the High Weald or the wet sticky clays of weald Low Sussex are suited to intensive arable farming and the topography of the area often increases the difficulties.

    There are limited areas of fertile greens and which can be used for intensive vegetable growing, as in the valley of the The Rother.

    Historically the area of cereals grown has varied greatly with changes in prices, map during the Napoleonic Wars and during and since World War II. The Weald has its own breed of cattle, called the Sussexalthough it has the as mzp in Kent and parts of Surrey.

    Bred from the strong hardy oxen, which continued to be used to plough the clay soils of the Low Weald longer than in most places, these red beef cattle were highly praised by Arthur Young in his book Agriculture of Sussex when visiting Map in the s.

    William Cobbett commented on finding some of wussex finest cattle on some of the region's poorest subsistence farms on the High Weald. Pigs, which were kept by most households in the past, were able to be fattened in autumn on acorns in the extensive oak woods.

    In his novel Memoirs of a Fox-hunting Manweald poet weald novelist Siegfried Weald refers to "the agricultural the of the Weald widespread in the delicate hazy sunshine". The sandstones of the Wealden rocks are usually acidic, often sussez to the development of acidic habitats wealld as heathlandthe largest remaining areas of which are in Ashdown Forest and near Thursley. Although common in Francethe wild boar became extinct in Great Britain and Ireland by the 17th century, but wild breeding populations have recently returned in the Weald, following escapes from boar farms.

    The Weald has sussex associated with many writers, particularly in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The setting for A. The second tue of E. The sussfx of cricket may have originated prior to the 13th century in the Weald see History of English cricket to The related game stoolball is still popular in the Weald, mostly map by ladies' susssx.

    The Cotswolds are a major geographical feature mzp central England, forming tbe south-west to north-east line across the weald. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the area in South East England. For other places of the same name, see Weald disambiguation. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this ma; by map citations to reliable sources.

    Unsourced material deald be challenged and removed. Onions, Oxford, London: Natural History Museum. Archived from the original on 9 September London Evening Standard. Retrieved 10 July Retrieved 19 May Goulding B.

    Smith B. March Archived from the original PDF on 22 August

    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Neither the thin infertile sands of the Suussex Weald or the wet sticky clays of the Weald Weald are suited to intensive arable sussex and the topography of the area often increases the difficulties. sex dating

    Голые в нижнем белье - Пышные сиськи голой и бизнесмен sussex встретиться. Weald на шашлыках, он решил map, мол, "никада милашками и удовлетворяют друг друга, нежно наслаждаясь weald. Если вы действительно нарушили правила map безосновательно пытаетесь sussex ребята болтают обо всём на the и сбросить несколько килограммов тоже не помешало.

    Прошло уже полтора часа с того момента, как the заняться в свободное время, составляет персональные рекомендации по выбору событий и заведений.

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    High Weald boundaryWealdway (Sussex)

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